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Notebook and Pen

Competition Terms & Conditions

By submitting a story/script to the judges, the author and his/her parents or guardian warrant:

  1. That the work is an original work produced by him/her and that he/she has the absolute copyright to the work

  2. The author’s name may be published describing him/her as the author of the work.

  3. The material does not contain any matter which may infringe any copyright or intellectual property or be defamatory in any way.

  4. The publication of the material including the form and timing is at the sole discretion of the judges, who shall not have any obligation to communicate their reasons to publish or refuse to select or publish the work.

  5. The work may be subject to editorial amendment at the discretion of the publisher who may make such alterations as are deemed necessary and whose decision shall be final.

  6. The author and his/her parents or guardian as appropriate agree to waive any right to copyright or royalties during the term of this competition or arising as a result or consequence of it.

  7. All royalties from publication of the stories and scripts and any bound volume shall be the property of Screen Your Story which shall also be absolutely entitled to all royalties or other payments in respect of the filmed version of the stories or any of the scripts.

  8. All copyright of the illustrations/photographs used for any story or film shall remain vested in and with the originator illustrator/photographer.

  9. This competition shall be deemed to have started on the 1 January 2014 at which date these conditions shall be deemed to have come into effect and shall terminate on the 1 January 2099.

  10.  There is no charge to enter the competition. Each winner will be given a free copy of 'Stories from the Young' the collection of winning stories, and a free ticket to the Gala.

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