Reading Competition 2019

write a story • win a chance to get it published • get it made into film

Year 7 to Year 14

For your age groups we need a story of no more than 1000 words.  Use any props you like, and create any characters you like - young, old, male, female, human, animal or even alien. 

Some of our winning stories will be chosen to be made into films so think about the setting of your story. Filming will take place in May 2019 so think about what the space will look like then. Even though the English weather can be bizarre we aren't likely to be under snow then so no story set in the arctic is going to be made into a film - nor one set in a desert!

As well as outside locations you may set a scene in a bookshop, a butcher's, a pub, a fashion boutique, a charity shop, a greengrocers, or a private house. You should keep in mind, though, that we are looking for stories that can be made into films so the fewer scenes there are the more likely your story is to be selected.

The authors of the stories that are made into films will be given the chance to work with the Director to make their film so long as their parents consent and they are chaperoned. A professional crew and actors will work with the Director.

Your story may be handwritten or word processed but we do need a paper copy. If you are entering as a school we will collect your story. If you are entering independently of your school you should send your story to:

'Screen Your Story', 27 Bracken Gardens, London, SW13 9HW


If you are entering as part of a school project your teacher or parent may register you - Register School. If you are entering independently of your school please get your parent/guardian to register you - Register Individual.

Any further questions to

Entry Requirements

All entrants must accept the terms and conditions set out below. Submitting an entry to the competition will count as that acceptance.

Entries to be submitted by January 31 2019

Download the entry form here.


‘Bullseye’ from an original story by Evie Kimber. The Old Vicarage School

Winner: Best Original Script.

Best Voice Over

Best Actress

‘Wolves’ from an original story by Bertie Mead. Lowther Primary School

Winner: Best Costume

Innovation Award

‘A Race to Remember’ from an original story by Rohan Shaunak. The Mall School

Winner: Best Original Story

Best Actor

Best Supporting Actor

Best Use of Props