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Winners 2015

We're delighted to announce our final winners!

Ainsby, Matthew:  Tower House

Pound, Jamie:  Tower House

Delevante, Adelka: Holy Trinity Church of England 

Wilkes, Florence:  Putney High

Hafenrichter, Kitty: Waldegrave

Lumsden-Cook, Lily: Barnes Primary

Thornton, Lucas: Lowther School

Murray, Milo: Lowther School

Hajdo, Nicolle: St Mary Magdalens Catholic School

Raizada, Nikhil: Merlin

Wolf-Garraway, Orson: Merlin School

Saucek, Sacha, Kew Riverside College

Berhanu, Sarone: Lowther School

Roberts, Beth: St. Osmunds Catholic School

Wainer, Cerys: Orleans Park School

James, Victoria:  Chennestone Primary School

Thoday, Zac: Harrodian School

Bowers, Maggie: Lowther School

Still, Harry: Fulham Prep School

Traynor, Cassie: Bute House School

Parker, Millie: Trafalgar Junior School

Srivastava, Shrika: Trafalgar Junior School

Wilson, Tippi: Richmond Park Academy

Stewart, Xian: Richmond Park Academy

Heath, Sophie: Richmond Park Academy

Smith, Didier:  Merlin School

Blake, Amelia:  Barnes Primary School

Blasi, India:  Falcons School for Girls

Tipping, Maddie:  St Augustine's Priory School

Travers, Romilly:  Harrodian School

Prynn, Luke: Harrodian School,

Wigington, Alexandra St, Richard Reynolds Catholic College

Fenn-Smith, Alexandra:  Harrodian School

Simpson, Oliver;  East Sheen Primary

Films to be made of:

'Mr and Mrs Bumble Bee to the Rescue' by Didier Smith

'Stephanie Finds a Friend' by Lily Lumsden-Cook

'Best of Friends' by Zac Thoday

'Love Everlasting' by Kitty Hafenrichter

'Terminal' by Crys Wainer

'Victor and the Duck' by Tippi Wilson/ Sophie Heath/Xian Stewart

'Angry' by Beth Roberts