Reading Competition 2019

write a story • win a chance to get it published • get it made into film

Our theme this year is Sport. 

Sport has always been the focus of stories - stories about playing sport or never playing sport; loving it or hating it; watching it or avoiding it at all costs; being part of a team or a loner; amateur or professional, winner or loser. Some people say that playing sport is like fighting a war; others say it's just a game. Some people will follow their team to the ends of the earth, some people can't imagine ever having a team. Some stories are triumphs, some are disasters. some are tragedies and some are comedies.  

To play a sport people use bats, balls, clubs, darts, arrows, dice, dogs, horses, tiddly winks, cars and planes and they play on land and sea and in the air. Pretty much anything and any where is grist to the sporting mill as sporting events tell you, whether it's  little local ones,  big national ones or great events like the Olympic Games

Your  very own story can be about anything at all  to do with any sport you like, and anywhere you like it. It can  be funny or tragic, set in today or set in the past. The one, important thing you have to do is make sure it's really good!

What next?

Go to the page for your year to see what you have to do to enter. Good luck!