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2018 is the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. When the war ended millions of people headed home. Some were soldiers, of both sides, who had been sent away from home to fight in foreign fields, others were refugees driven out of their homes by war raging around them. All were desperate for home. 

There are lots of reasons apart from war why people leave home - maybe it's  just for the day,  or to go into hospital,  go on holiday, go to  school, go on a business trip. Sometimes people - often beloved pets - just get lost. But mostly, whatever their reasons for leaving, people want to get back home. 

And that's what we want you to write about this year:


You could write about what it's like to come home when you've been away. Are things the same or very different? Are you the same or different? Is it wonderful or not so good after all?  

Perhaps you have a story about the journey home, whether it was hard or easy, long or short. And maybe not everyone wants to come home: What would that be like?

Your story could be funny or tragic, set in today or set in the past. The one, important thing you have to do is make sure it's really good!

What next?

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